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This form is intended to notify the Funding, Graduation & Awards Office that you wish to borrow a Federal or Private loan to cover the cost of attending the University of Birmingham during the 2023-24 academic year only which commences on 25 September 2023.

Before completing this form, please review the Application Guidance. You may save and return to this form at any time before submitting.

If you have any queries on your loan eligibility, please contact 

To find out how we will use any personal data you share with us, please read our privacy statements at

This is 7 characters long and can be found on your University of Birmingham offer letter ( for example 1234567); if you do not have a student ID number as yet, please leave this field blank.
Please enter the address of an e-mail account that you check regularly as you may be contacted about your application.
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Are you a distance learner?
Distance learners spend all or part of their degree off-campus therefore only eligible for a private loan from Sallie Mae or Navient Earnest Loans
This applies to any students not completing a full standard year e.g. PhD students with one term left before entering 'thesis awaited'

Cost of Attendance (COA)

For all Federal Loan borrowers, your Cost of Attendance (COA) is calculated over 39 weeks for undergraduate level courses (including Law) and 52 weeks for postgraduate level courses, unless specified otherwise in course details.

Set amounts to cover housing and food (living expenses) and miscellaneous personal expenses will be automatically calculated for you (with the exception of Distance Learners). For example, housing, food, toiletries, utilities, clothing, leisure, cell phone, transportation, books, photocopying and PC/laptop hardware and software - these will already be included in your loan recommendation therefore do NOT include these costs below (the recommended amounts are published in the costs breakdown)

Federal regulations permit students to borrow up to but not exceeding their Cost of Attendance (COA); we recommend taking a loan to cover the full COA, but you may borrow less if you wish.

Federal Borrowing Limits according to year and level of study are published on the Federal Student Aid website.

This amount is specified on your admissions offer letter from the University of Birmingham
If available, please upload your offer letter to confirm your tuition fee
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File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Book Allowance (Distance Learners)*
If you have been offered a place in University of Birmingham Halls of Residence, please upload a copy of your offer if possible.
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Will any dependant children be living with you in the UK whilst you are studying?*
Children must be in registered childcare in the UK (excluding private education providers)
This includes any costs essential to the completion of your course, e.g. field trips, conferences which are not covered by your tuition fees
We are unable to consider Visa costs for any dependents in your cost of attendance. For more details on fees, refer to
This can include any additional expenses incurred as a result of a disability e.g. transportation, personal assistance, specialist equipment, etc.

Estimated Financial Assistance (EFA)

Please include any financial aid e.g. Scholarships that you expect to receive to assist with the cost of your course in 2022/23

Please do not include your/your family's savings
Do not include any amount that you are expecting to receive from employment-related earnings whilst you are studying

Following submission of this form Funding, Graduation & Awards will email you with a Cost of Attendance (COA) breakdown and a recommended loan amount; you can use this information to determine how much to borrow from the loans available to you.

What happens next?

A member of Funding, Graduation & Awards will assess your eligibility for a loan and calculate the amount that you are entitled to borrow using the figures you have provided and contact you via email as soon as possible.

Please follow the instructions within that email and take any actions required by you in order to receive confirmation of your loan.

For more information please visit the University of Birmingham's website.


Please read the following statements carefully and tick to show you agree*
Federal Regulations prevent students from claiming a Federal loan via a 'Foreign School' (e.g. the University of Birmingham) if they intend to study within the United States, therefore, I confirm:*
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